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Gluten Free Pizza and Mozzarella without Lactose

Our History

Glauco and Sergio looking for a solution of life and a better job, they migrate from Genoa and identified the historic pizzeria founded in 1992 in Chiavari, and after they bought the company.

From October 2, 1999 begins the growth of La Bitta ... The idea was pizza and music.

Over the years, with minor adjustments, the pizza has been improved and is now the choice between more than 100 pizzas.

Among our customers we have had the pleasure of having: Carmen Consoli, Fabio Concato, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Alba Parietti, Paola Turci, Avion Travel, Mario Venuti and many more.
20 years of hard work, but also great satisfaction that every day give us the incentive to try to improve more.

And if you want to know more visit our videos youtube.

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