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Gluten Free Pizza and Mozzarella without Lactose


Pizzeria Restaurant La Bitta:
our proposal of quality


Pizza baked in wood-fired oven is definitely our must; our offer includes a wide selection of pizzas, and the legendary cheese focaccia double pasta sheet.
The pizza and focaccia dough is guaranteed with flour 00. oil, salt, baking powder with no added improvements.

The restaurant has a kitchen equipped appropriate for national and international dishes.
The dishes are offered in a la carte menu and daily specials.
We also use a wood stove for food recipes.

"True mozzarella" (non-industrial for pizza ..), soft cheese with no preservatives, cooked ham and cold cuts with no preservatives, Italian tomatoes, hand made bread baked in wood oven,
wide selection of fresh seafood appetizers, fresh fruit and vegetables are few examples that we can anticipate.

Respect for the conservation of good raw foods (cold chain maintained in cold store, daily deliveries from suppliers certified), choice with careful selection and their relative work, we characterize as a restaurant in Chiavari, in addition to acquired renown as a pizzeria.

Here can accompany your dinner drinking good quality beers both on tap and bottled. After your dinner you get a quality coffee and a superb selection of grappa and rum.
La Bitta is also Take-out Pizzeria, so you can enjoy your pizza at home and at a lower cost.
Of course there are also desserts prepared by ourselves, we can also assemble even birthday cakes :-)

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