Welcome in the Restaurant Pizzeria "La Bitta"

News: Gluten-free Pizzas, for celiac people!!!

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News for all fans of the whole cooking.
We offer whole dough (paste made with whole wheat flour instead of 00).

Welcome in the Restaurant Pizzeria "La Bitta"

Our pizzeria and restaurant, has two very large rooms and a very large summer outdoor living.
As you enter you can see the bar, the work station for the preparation of gluten-free pizzas, and finally the large wood-burning oven.
The second room, said the aquarium is very large and well lit, characterized by the wall decorations that recall the seabed.

The pizzeria offers 100 different types of pizza with a wide variety of fresh and high quality ingredients.
Since autumn 2010, it joined in our gastronomic proposal focaccia with cheese double sheet.

The Pizzeria offers, as well as a summer outdoor terrace, air conditioning in the interior, to enjoy the cool evenings even more sultry.
The restaurant is open every day except Tuesday from 7 to 24. The best destination after a boat ride (we are 50 meters from the port), after a walk along the seaside or a day on the beach.

Besides Pizzeria, La Bitta is also a restaurant. Among the restaurants in Chiavari our cuisine is characterized by the proposed simple traditional Ligurian dishes, tasty and never heavy dressings.
You can find a menu a la carte and a menu of the day with sweets all handmade by us.

All the dishes have the opportunity to be prepared gluten-free and lactose-free, and also the pizzas and focaccia bread as well as the fast food, the cookery, and the desserts.

For those arriving or passing through, we are 50 meters from the station (east direction) and in front of wide Colmata Sea Parking. We also have agreements with Marina Chiavari Srl of Chiavari, the Navy League, hotels and sports clubs.

A place to dine or enjoy drinks. We accept Visa and your pets are welcome.
What to say more...?
More than 100 types of pizzas cooked in wood oven, traditional Ligurian specialties and a range of wines of excellent quality are waiting for you.

...and We are waiting for you!!!

CAN.GU S.r.l, Corso Garibaldi 99, 16043 Chiavari tel 0185312963
P.IVA 03810060107

Welcome in the Restaurant Pizzeria "La Bitta"

-Friendly Restaurants

We are well-known as Kid-Friendly Restaurant, our roooms have everything your need.

The toilette have a baby changing table, and the baby high chairs will make the lunch more confortable.

In case of very little Kids, of course, we are available to warm their baby food.

There is a child-friendly environment with books, markers, and paper and stuffed animal.
For a stress-free evening.

Welcome in the Restaurant Pizzeria "La Bitta"

Dog Friendly Restaurant

When you are in Holiday and you are making a tour, sometimes can be very difficult to find a Dog Friendly Restaurant.
Especially in Italy it is still very complicate to go out for dinner or lunch with your best friend, the dog.
Find a Restaurant, or even worse, a Pizzeria, where dogs and cats are accepted it is often not so easy.
In "La Bitta" Restaurant and Pizzeria pets are welcome!!
A bowl of water is guaranteed :-)

Welcome in the Restaurant Pizzeria "La Bitta"

Pizzeria Restaurant La Bitta: our proposal of quality

Pizza baked in wood-fired oven is definitely our must, our offer includes a wide selection of pizzas, and the legendary cheese focaccia double pasta sheet of the Ligurian Coast.
The pizza and focaccia dough is guaranteed with flour 00. oil, salt, baking powder with no added improvements.

The restaurant has a kitchen equipped appropriate for national and international dishes.
The dishes are offered in a la carte menu and daily specials.
We also use a wood stove for food recipes.

"True mozzarella" (non-industrial for pizza ..), soft cheese with no preservatives, cooked ham and cold cuts with no preservatives, Italian tomatoes, homemade bread baked in wood oven,
a wide selection of fresh seafood appetizers, fresh fruit and vegetables are few examples that we can anticipate.

A remarkable feature is the presence in the menu of pizzas gluten free. La Bitta is the first pizzeria in Chiavari to offer pizza gluten free (for celiac people) to meet always the needs of our customers.

Respect for the conservation of good raw foods (cold chain maintained in cold store, daily deliveries from suppliers certified), choice with careful selection and their relative work, we characterize as a restaurant in Chiavari, in addition to acquired renown as a pizzeria.

Here can accompany your dinner drinking good quality beers both on tap and bottled. After your dinner you get a quality coffee and a superb selection of grappa and rum.
La Bitta is also Take Away Pizzeria, so you can enjoy your pizza at home and at a lower cost.
Of course there are also desserts prepared by ourselves, we can also assemble even birthday cakes :-)

Restaurant Pizzeria in Chiavari.... something special!

Our Place

La Bitta is situated in a convenient place to reach on foot or by car for those coming from the city center or from the promenade of Chiavari.
Good ease of parking, given the proximity of the "Colmata" parking area of the port of Chiavari with its large area which is suited to Tour groups.

There is a free wi-fi service.

These rooms are suitable for the breadth and the confidentiality, to meetings, business dinners, birthdays, and parties. And some tables are really ideal for romantic dinners..

In the evenings where our guests are particularly numerous in the area oven works two pizza-man to shorten waiting times.
The dining staff is qualified, dynamic and La Bitta has a potential to serve, with no particular waiting time, more than 300 people a night. The dehor allows fresh summer feasts on summer evenings.

The disabled access is facilitated and there are dedicated services. The premises of the restaurant are always thoroughly clean, tidy and sanitized.

We are a local "Gay Friendly", we will is the same level of warmth without identity issues.

We accept payment by credit card.
Book is better, appreciated but not required..The kitchen is open until midnight.

Gluten-free pizzas baked in a special oven...and Pizzas with Lactose free Mozzarella

Pizza is a food that is hard to give up when you are forced to make a gluten-free diet.

Finding a gluten-free pizza is sometimes difficult. The Restaurant Pizzeria La Bitta is proud to guarantee all customers, even those with certain food intolerances such as celiac disease, the possibility to enjoy a pizza with friends. Pizzas made with gluten-free flours are properly cooked in a special oven, duly certified.
The pizza also may be accompanied by excellent beer for celiacs.

In addition, for people who are lactose intolerant we have a chance to prepare pizzas using as an ingredient of Bustaffai Mozzarella.

Our proposal of quality, see here all the features that make it a renowned pizzeria in Chiavari and in Tigullio area.